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This globalization process associated with the new technologies plays an important role for the Spanish companies, giving the possibility to be in touch client and provider (supplier) in seconds of time.


Nowadays is as important to deliver the goods, the next day in any part of Spain as it is in any other part of Europe or even around the world. Therefore we add constantly new countries and routes to our current network and we continuously develop products and services which suits to our client necessities.

We refer to the International Truck, which its service permits combine the land and air networks of our company being able to transport heavy goods which are not so “urgent” and that can be at their destination in the course of more days at more economical prices.

To be able to grow and achieve new markets, we follow different strategies: the most important one is to do bilateral agreements (or outsourcing) with other transport agencies, developing the globalization process so that the international shipping companies can offer different services depending on the destination country agreements, their specialized level and the type of market they are approaching to.

The key to success in the area of International Shipping is based in the stability and reliability of the service, as well as being able to offer competitive prices.
Asecomex offers a global network in all kind of land transport operations in Europe:


We transport goods to more or less 30 European countries thanks to the transport network with correspondents guaranteeing the efficient exchange goods through national subnetwork of the different countries. We offer our client, regular weekly traffic informs to export and import to the different European countries, offering:

Weekly receiving and distributing goods.
Emission and management of transport documents in origin and destiny.
Customs procedures for non Community countries.

Complete loads
Our professionals work with many types of loads like jumbos, megas and trailers, distributing import and export shipping all around Europe.

Intermodal Transport
Group load transport using different kind of transports, for example, the truck with the train, the ship or the ferry.

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