Due to the constant growing, Asecomex. SA, from its beginning and with the aim of becoming an Integral Logistic Operator, has inaugurated new installations in an Industrial Area in Villaverde (Madrid), with 5.600 m2
The new installations (facilities) have a high of 18 metres, the whole interior is provided of a shelving are, designating 3.200 m2 area to accommodate 5800 pallets, with a height for the pallets of 115 metres, handling and unloading area of 2000 metres and 6 loading bays and two doors of special unloading laterals, also 300 m2 used as office.

These facilities have caused an investment of nearly 3.5million €, have been occupied in its majority by clients of the textile industry. Due to the goods characteristics the security measures, in the handling, picking and packing and fire systems are extraordinary because the warehouse is provided of sprayers in the shelves of the shelvings every two metres, as well as an underground water deposit with capacity for 300000 litres, guaranteeing this way liquid supplier element in case of need.

1. Stock control
With the help of the Computer Systems we can obtain more detail information about the store goods such as to know the minimum stock, goods flow, storage strategy and purchase requisition. The management of good flows helped by the scanning and labelling of the packets, optimization circuits and the picking & packing ensuring assignment of an efficient space.

2. Services description
Nowadays, companies try to control all the products that are in the warehouse, with the aim to assure the optimal quality of its characteristics.
So that way, we try to consider the warehouse not only a space to keep stocks, but also to use it as a productive tool, purchase requisition and customer service.
We want to be the necessary link in its production chain.
We adjust to the necessities of each client, in the request of the process and the ways, accepting all kind of criteria that they expose us.

The decision to include us part of its operational chain depends on the importance in the company´s global strategy. A better view of the situation of the goods in each link of the supply chain will allow to improve the answer of the management level to face the demand, by doing a reorganization of the goods, the supply and a readjustment of the manufacturing programs. The future of this system will depend directly of the capacity manufacturing and through all the logistic channels.

Our designs have made a dimensioning of the prices depending on the storage necessity, of picking (following the idea of sending the goods straight away to the demanding place “goods to operative”), the amount of procurement management, in and out good flows, and according to that, the loading bay. This way, we reduce the unproductive times, it improves the way the workers work and we minimize the mistakes.

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